I am the first person to admit that I am pretty unorganised! But fear not, it IS possible to plan a wedding even with the memory of a goldfish!

Once you have found yourself with a sparkly something on your finger then all sorts of expectations will hit you. Mostly from family members who in all their lovingness will demand all sorts of dates and formalities and basically drive you mad. This is normal and embrace it. If you let it get to you both, yourself and your brand new fiancee will find the idea of planning a wedding slowly becoming a drag.


I got engaged around Easter time and we had thought it would be nice to get married as soon as possible. Not because we wanted to rush and get it over and done with, more because we wanted to be pro-active and start our creativity flowing. We chose the following April, almost a year to the day. Now, you might think we were playing devil’s advocate by choosing April, it being the month of April showers, but we really had to go with our hearts. We had to let go of worrying about the rain….if it rained, we were still going to have an amazing day and we were still getting married and sharing the day with our closest loved ones. One of the best things we did, and my biggest advice, was let go of that stress over the weather – we literally could not control that. In the end it turned out to be the MOST perfect day with blossom on all the trees, gorgeous sunshine and the rain stayed away. Bliss.

When to get married is something that takes some consideration but I would advise to go with your heart. If you are getting married in England I would say every single season comes with every single weather forecast. As the weather becomes more erratic  and uncertain each season comes with positives and negatives, this includes all over the world.


Obviously it greatly impacts on what kind of reception (party or wedding breakfast) you want and what kind of wedding dress will suit the occasion. I particularly think you could do something very interesting with a winter wedding dress. Also some venues can have a cheaper rate if you want it later in the year, although closer to Christmas might be quite busy….you don’t want to be sharing your reception with a sleazy office Christmas party. You have to consider Jack Frost as well….you wouldn’t want the snow to mess plans up. Once you’ve chosen a date and time of year just be prepared. You might have to spend some of your budget getting umbrellas or mini electric fans, you could even get them personalised!

If you have a time of year that is important to you as a couple then that is a good place to start. But make sure that you BOTH decide, this is your day and everyone should work around what you both want.


As we are talking about weather and weddings let me share a little wedding anecdote which still makes my husband and I cry with laughter. As with all cultures there are some phrases and urban myths that transcend the seas. One of which is to do with rain on a wedding day. In English the urban myth is that if it rains on the wedding day it is lucky for the bride. When a close friend was discussing this said myth to a group of our English guests he innocently  translated directly from the Italian phrase ‘Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata’….which translates as ‘wet bride, lucky bride’…the literal translation being quite inappropriate. whoops!