Arriving in style can be an important part of your wedding day for some people.

The amount of cars you will need can vary. You will need one main car for the bride and her bridal party. This car could first drive the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride then return for the bride and her father. This system can work if you are not far from the ceremony venue, otherwise you will need a second bridal party car. The bride isn’t the only person to have a car, the groom could also have a car to take him and his groomsmen to the ceremony. You will need to decide which car will take the bride and groom to the reception and the other cars may be used to take the wedding party to the reception. We were really lucky with our driver, he provided himself with a very smart uniform which really made it special. Worth checking when you’ve made your choice if they do that.

Depending on the theme of your wedding you will probably want some type of car. I think that of all the times in your life this is a great chance to have a proper vintage classic car. You could consider a vintage Rolls Royce, a Bentley or a 1960s Jaguar these types of cars are comfortable and can go with any style. Even a VW camper van or a 1970s Mercedes could go with a young, casual theme. If comfort is not your number one priority any 1960s Spider will surely turn heads (remember it only fits two people!).

Nowadays some people offer transportation for their guests. There are two main reasons for this. One is to not have a convoy of cars following a Sat Nat (and probably getting lost!) and the other is so people can relax and have a drink without thinking of having to drive. If you have the budget to allow it, you could even rent a fleet of vintage cars to transport your guests! A really sweet idea is to find an old vintage bus that you could use. This doesn’t have to be just because your theme is vintage, it could be one element of it. Actually, you can over-do a theme so if you wanted something different this could work. Your have to, of course, make sure your budget fits for these kinds of expenses. It can all add up in the end. You could consider something more modern and decorate it, just make sure you plan in advance and have a team ready to do that!
You can arrive and leave in any style really, although I do have to put my foot down with the wire Cinderella pumpkin style carriages and pink stretch Hummers! I don’t understand it! Your wedding day isn’t the best time to be crazy and wild.