This can be an agonising topic to sort out when planning.
Personally I think we have moved on from giving an individual gift at weddings. I think guests understand if they come home with no favors. Who likes sugars almonds anyway?! Ok, I know some people do and they have moved on a bit from the 1980s, you can get metallic ones etc… but I personally hate them. Correct me if I’m wrong but most wedding favors end up in the bin after a few weeks and very rarely are they something that everyone can appreciate at home.

When you add up the costs for giving people a small cardboard box with a few cheap chocolates in you’ll be amazed. Why bother? It’s not personal, it’s the most generic thing you can do, so I can’t see the point. Save your money if you are considering something average and standard.
I think more contemporary ideas are fun, if you have cupcakes or iced biscuits these can make cute thank you gifts. Or even a pick ‘N’ mix sweets table for guests to choose if they want something or not (keeps kids happy too!) I think if guests can pick something up on their way out at the end of the evening is a much more individual thing to do. Maybe it’s some flowers from the decorations, some tea bags, sweets, a postcard made by you and your husband-to-be. It’s a great chance to be creative and think outside the box.
I’m not saying ‘never do favors’, because I get why the tradition is there, it’s a nice way to recognise that people have shared the day with you, but tacky gifts for the sake of keeping with tradition should be avoided! Be individual and think of ways to thank people in a personal way, something that might tie into your theme as well.
You can have some real fun together thinking of personal things to make but if you start to get stressed over it then don’t bother with them, your guests won’t mind (and you’ll be saving money).