My favourite subject – food!
I believe that the wedding breakfast is such an important part of the day that you must treat it with the attention and respect it deserves. Just going for an easy option isn’t good enough. Eating together is a such a symbolic experience that you must make the most of it. It’s a wonderful statement to make with your loved ones, eating together is the beating heart of a family.
When planning a meal for your guests remember that this is also a meal for you and your new husband. So choose things that you like first and then work around those awkward vegetarians and vegans!
Organising the food for your wedding is a great opportunity to think outside the box. There are loads of traditions and etiquette that you ‘should’ keep to but I’d say do what you want. As long as you make it special I don’t think it matters how it works. Most people hate eating so much food that they are left feeling uncomfortable. You want them boogieing on the dance floor later so don’t plan something that is so heavy your guests can’t move (it won’t be great for you guys later either!). Also avoid food that is bland and boring, there are so many places to get inspiration for food that there is no excuse for providing boring average food on your wedding day.
Make sure that if a venue is providing the food that they don’t pressure you into having something that you don’t want. A good venue will always work with your needs and make sure you are treated like royalty. It is always best to sample the food of various places and catering companies if possible, this is a really fun part of planning!
I truly believe anything is possible when it comes to the catering. By all means you can have a seven course meal with caviar and oysters but equally consider something like a BBQ. I love the idea of a vintage fish and chip van and everyone getting their own dinners – very English, of course! Another popular idea is to have an afternoon tea or a buffet. With the more basic ideas you can really go to town with the decorations and make it the most beautiful buffet anyone has ever seen! I also love the idea of a bring a share lunch, it really has a community feel, you have loads of food and everyone feels a part of the wedding.
Be creative and have fun….there is more to life than champagne risotto.