This is for the boys that secretly read Cosebelle.

This is for the boys that are so in love with their girl-next-door or the big love of their life, that they did the wonderful thing and proposed. Not only this but they have agreed on a date, they are supporting their wife-to-be with all the wedding arrangements and now it is the time to put together the right attire for the most romantic day of their lives.

Now then boys…you are getting married, for a whole day you’ll have all eyes on you and your blushing bride. On this day you are making a big statement of love and devotion to the person that you want beside you for the rest of your life so you obviously want to be remembered as the best dressed. Why should your gorgeous lady spend time and money looking amazing in her wedding dress and you shouldn’t?

Even if you are not that bothered about style, elegance, appereance in general, for your wedding day you should show that you are making the effort and that you care, because all this will be remembered in pictures.

Elegance is very simple, I promise you. Here are just some very easy rules:

The classics always win.

Fabrics are very important.

Less is more.

Colours are complicated, don’t try to impress if you are not a professional stylist.

Communicate with your future wife about the theme, style and colour scheme. Show her ideas, there is less etiquette about what the groomsmen are wearing unlike her wedding dress. Don’t go over the top, getting married is some serious stuff, a silly idea that might sound hilarious when you are talking with your mates down the pub could turn out to be embarrassingly awkward on your wedding day.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a suit for your wedding, unless you are a regular at the racing tracks, you could hire a morning suit. If you are thinking of something more simple just buy a good suit, something that you can use for other occasions, maybe even to wear to work afterwards.

A good suit says nothing, but means a lot. Taylor made, bespoke or off the shelf, you have to try a few and see the style that you like. It has to be classic, stay away from shiny – wet look – modern stuff, go for a good 100% wool or a wool and silk mix, you could go for tweed, but always go for natural fibers, it will feel better and will last longer. Have a look in the sales, but please go for something that is worth the money and that you definetly would wear for other occasions too. One last major point….make sure your suit fits you, big doesn’t mean comfortable, make sure it fits you perfectly.

Now then, there are two important items that I really feel you should pay the most attention to…your tie and shoes. Your tie has to match the color scheme or be neutral. Bright colors sometimes are not a good choice. The tie should be silk, it will be nice to keep it afterwards as a token of your day. Even if you are hiring your suit, I believe that you should buy the tie separately. You have total control and you can get something of high quality.

As for the shoes, go for classics: brogues, loafers, chelsea boots (why not), monk shoes, saddle shoes. These are all good options as long as they are classics and of a good quality. You’ll be proud of your choice and you’ll wear them for many years after, making the best of your purchase. Make sure that if you go for pointy shoes you don’t look like you are wearing transatlantic ships on your feet, or look like you’re out of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. Pointy shoes can be really bad.

Now for a little personal rant, stay clear of: rented standard patterned waistcoats, big ties, silly socks and silly hair. A nylon hired waistcoat is rarely a good one, with the patterns that you would never pick for any other day. Your wedding day is not for experimenting new styles. You have to make sure that your suit is comfortable and you can have fun in it, but your wedding attire should not be the fun of the day. Ask for help from your best dressed friends, ask the bridesmaids to check if you are going for the best solution.

Don’t let fashion, trends, or bad shopping assistants fool you, you should be dressed impeccable on your wedding day, showing class and maturity, you are becoming a grown up, you are starting a family. You can do all this in style, you can have humor and be individual, but it all has to work together. Remember less is more in style, if you need to stand out in a crowd then your wedding day is not the day to be silly, it is ok to be more muted with a subtle cheeky nod to your silly side but think again to brash outwardly obvious silliness.

One last thing…Make sure you cut your hair at least a week or so before your wedding day, shave properly on the day. Perfume and mints are important too. Good behaviour is also key. Try not to be late and please watch how much you drink, if you are drunk you can’t make sure everything is good for your new wife, that she is having fun and everything is under control. Remember, you’re a grown up now.