Strike a pose, it’s time to choose a photographer to capture your best

moments from your wedding day.

I have experience in photography and I have a network of people that work in that business so when I was looking for a photographer I already knew what I was looking for. But I know how hard it can be to balance out what you want and to work within a budget. So here are some ideas when looking for a photographer.

It’s ideal to have two photographers – its a short period of time and you want everything to run smoothly and one photographer can’t be in many places as once. Usually they will provide two people.

Make sure they are charismatic – you need people who can deal with getting the groups shots just right, who are patient and who can put you at ease when things may be a bit stressful.

Prices – these vary with the experience of the photographer and with the length of time they will be working at your wedding.

Packages – some offer engagement shoots which are really useful to get to know the photographer. Ultimately it is helpful for the photographer to get used to the way you guys work and what you feel comfortable doing. It’s a good chance to start a good relationship.

Albums – some offer digital packages but only provide you with the pictures in a digital format so you can print and make an album yourself after the wedding. A more traditional photographer will give you a printed album that can start from 500€.

Presentation – I want to make this clear, we don’t live in the 1980s anymore, misty edge photography has had its time. You can find current photographers that can do great things with photography, who are passionate about reflecting your style and who have inspirational ideas.

With all that in mind I would also say with the introduction of digital cameras and iPhones galore all your guests will take beautiful pictures of moments you would normally have missed. A useful thing to do before or soon after your wedding is to create an online gallery where your guests can upload and download images.

Happy snapping!