As we move on through the wedding ‘to do’ list you’ll find yourself at the crucial invitations! At this stage you should have a date set which is the all important part of this planning…..if you don’t yet have a date….go and pin your partner down and chose a date in the diary! If you have a date and are all ready to go i have a quick and easy list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you along.


Send out Save The Date cards – This is a good way to let people work out holiday and plan around your chosen date in advance. It is also helpful to get an idea of who can come – if people can’t make that date they are likely to tell you at this stage.

Send the invitations from the bride’s parents – This is a little tradition that i really like, it is not something you must do but if you wanted to pick and choose the traditions it’s a nice one to keep (even if you do them and just say it’s from them!)

Consider professional help – i don’t mean the psychiatric kind i mean looking into investing in a graphic designer to help organise your ideas and they should help you with the best cost solutions too.

Think about the theme or colour scheme – This is a good time to make a final decision on the theme or feel of your wedding. It can be a colour or patten that the grooms party will wear or it could reflect something from the wedding dress (don’t worry if you haven’t chosen this yet…..plenty of time!) It is also a nice chance for guests to wonder about what you’ve chosen to do and helps them choose their outfits to fit in!

Broaden your horizons – If you have time and your budget allows then think about getting your invitations done in America. I have found some gorgeous sites that make absolutely beautiful invitations. It’s amazing what they can produce. This might be a bit costly but if you can manage it then go for it!

Think about a design that defines you both – Your design doesn’t have to be wedding related, it could be just something that means something to you both. It could be a colour you both love or a patten or object that makes you smile.

DIY – This can be a great chance for you both to spend some time together glueing and sticking. It can be a cost saving thing to do and is great to see the fruits of your labour. If you both have patience of a Saint then by all means have fun and get creative.

Stamp – Remember to include postage costs in your budget for the invitations. It can be a sneaky one to forget and can be costly in the end.

Research – Look online and in books for inspiration for your save the date and invitations. We spent so many hours soaking up all the creativity we found on design websites and in books, it was a lovely way to see what styles we both liked.


DIY – If hours and hours of glueing and sticking are not your thing then stay far away from the Pritt Stick and craft knife. This can cause more problems then it can solve so make sure your design is good enough to make a fair few of them identically, and that you have the skills to make it look professional and not something a four year old would take home to their parents after a crafty day at school.

Seek out printers – Stay away from commercial printing companies, they will convince you to pay the most for the product and they will use standard ideas and you will end up with something hundreds of other people have used.

Forget class – Please don’t use gold and please don’t use cute teddy bear stickers….it’s not the 1980s anymore.

Freak out – You will get past this stage and it will feel amazing to officially invite your nearest and dearest to your wedding.

Wait – If you want to make your own then please leave enough time to make them, the worst thing is to make it something laborious and to surround it with bad energy. You must enjoy every moment making them.

Items that need designing and printing…

Save the Date cards
Invitations & Response cards
Order of Service
Table settings & Place settings
Any directions (maps, dress code etc…)
Website (if you have made one to give out info easily)

P.S…my husband is a graphic designer so there was no way we would outsource the designing of the invitations and save the date cards. We handmade our invitations and it took some time but we were so pleased with the end product, we also saved a lot of money so for us it was perfect.

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