wedding belles

Firstly, Merry Christmas!! I hope you have all had a great Christmas and your plans for an exciting New Years are going well.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important things for a bride-to-be. It has to be perfect, nothing else will do. Like with buying any dress it has to be the right shape, something comfortable to wear all day and, above all, stunning. I know for sure that there are some dress shapes that look great on me and there are others I would never get away with so keep that in mind when choosing your dream dress. I’ve done a small guide at the end for reference when choosing your dress.

When trying on wedding dresses it will take some time to adjust to seeing yourself in this type of dress. Once you get over this you can see what style suits you, it may look hideous on the hanger but give it a go you may be surprised once you have it on. If you are having a theme for your wedding you may have an idea of a style of dress and you may already have dreams  of a particular type but be free to experiment, have fun with some girly friends and a glass of champagne!

wedding belles

Nowadays it has become increasingly popular to seek wedding dresses online. There are many to choose from on auction sites which I think is a great idea. It’s a shame to blow a massive budget on a dress you will wear for a day but equally it is the most special dress you will ever wear so getting this balance is right. Unless you have an unlimited amount to spend on your dress I would try to stay realistic with the price so a great money-saving option is looking online. You can also compare prices from bridal shops with ones you find online, if you have some time before you get married this is a useful thing to do. If you can’t bare the thought of wearing someone else’s wedding dress then by all means look around in bridal shops, they usually have a wide range and are the experts when finding styles and shapes that will suit you.

wedding belles

Here is a quick guide to have in mind when searching out your dream dress…

Traditional ball gown shaped dresses.

These usually have a fitted bodice, a structured waist and a full skirt. This is the typical Disney princess dress that little girls dream of, it may not, in reality work for everyone but i’m sure some people can pull it off.

The kind of body shape that this type of dress will work for is a tall and thin figure, slight pear shaped figure or slim hourglass figures.

You will know what kind of ball gown shape will suit you. The classic shape will suit tall and slim body shapes but if you don’t feel confident with your body shape you can try a less defined waist or not such a full skirt. This type of dress is not so great for those of you who are petite and with pear shapes as it can emphasise wider hips and can overwhelm a smaller bride.

A-Line Dresses

This is the shape that works best for me. It has a skirt that flares out from a natural or dropped waistline. It’s a universal dress shape that looks great on everyone but particularly well for those pear shaped and fuller hourglass girls that want to hide a few sins.

This dress shape is great for petite or short waisted shapes or for the fuller-figured. It’s a miracle dress shape and can make shorter girls look taller and larger girls look slimmer, a dream! Maybe those who have a thicker waist you might want to stay away from this shape as it can look straight and loose the A-line shape that flatters most.

Empire line dresses

This is a real Jayne Austin 1900s style dress that can look stunning on the right shape. It has a skirt that starts just below the bust and falls to the ground, and works best for those gorgeous smaller busted girls out there. Also if you are a petite figure and those with a larger waist could look great in this shape.

This is an elegant shaped dress and a very popular style which can hide some lumps and bumps, it can elongate your body and can make you appear taller. It’s not so good for curvy, pear shaped, fuller figured girls as it can highlight larger hips and if you have a big bust then stay away, this just won’t work.

Column or straight dresses.

This shape of dress has a slim line and follows the natural curve of your body. If you have a slim figure this works well as some are bias cut which lets the fabric flow around the body. Slim, tall brides will get away with this shaped dress but those pear shaped and full figured ladies don’t touch this as it will show every contour of your body! It is a very modern elegant style of dress, and only for the very body confident tall slim brides!

Mermaid Dresses

This shape seem to have made a revival from the 1980s. With some very elegant styling and the right body shape these can look stunning. Not the most practical of dresses, moving around can be tricky but for photos they are amazing. They have a fitted body hugging top and flare out below the knee, if it is a fishtail dress these tend to flare out at the back of the dress while the mermaid also does at the front.

These dresses are made for hourglass figures and slim but curvaceous girls. It is the perfect dress if you have a knock out body with curves to die for. Pear shaped girls stay clear, it just won’t work as it really emphasises the hips.