After all that wedding planning and the whole amazing day it is surely time to put your feet up and run away to an amazing country and experience the beginning of married life together surrounded by beautiful things.

Hopefully you would have thought through where you want to go and considered a budget by the time you have had your wedding day. Another one of those traditions dictates that it is the groom and his family who are responsible for financing the honeymoon, as it is traditional for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding. Obviously I love this one but realistically in this day and age it will usually be both of your contributing to the honeymoon fund. A more popular way to help out with the honeymoon budget is to ask for money towards a holiday away, your guests can transfer as much as they would have spent on a present and then you might be able to consider more luxury resorts. This increasing trend is also due to a large majority of couples living together before getting married and therefore they tend to have already purchased a lot of items that may have been bought for them as a wedding present.

Now, depending on what kind of people you are you will want different kinds of things. The spice of life is variety and all over the world there is so much to see and do. I truly believe travel broadens the mind and you will probably never get an opportunity to have this precious time together to go away and spoil yourselves, so make sure you look through all the options you have and which one you will feel most comfortable.

There are many types of honeymoon destinations…don’t panic, I haven’t started a new career as a travel agent…it is always good to think about different kinds of holidays that you may want to experience that is a change from your usual holiday package.

A very popular type of holiday is a cool urban city break. You don’t have to save them just for saucy weekends. You can discover so much and why not take a trip to a few places? Cities such as Berlin, New York or Copenhagen are beautiful places full of history and culture. You can look around some brilliant avante guard art galleries. Treat yourselves to a designer high-end hotel and see the sights and sounds. You could find where the best restaurants are and have an amazing culinary experience in a Michelin restaurant. Make sure you bring good shoes for walking around but also you can have a lazy afternoon getting ready for a fabulous dinner.

If you are the type of couple that are just itching to get out there and be adventurous then how about a nature park resort with a glamping experience (very posh camping). Here you can twin your love of the outdoors and your love of camping but with an up-market feel. You can have a wild time staying in beautiful nature reserves, you can also check where local villages are to have some sophisticated evenings out. A lovely idea is to hire a vehicle to go from coast to coast in a country somewhere beautiful. You can have amazing stop-offs and make your own agenda. My dream would be a little VW camper van with a plan of the best locations to stop off at and create a wonderfully relaxed holiday. If you know the places where you might stop off it’s always worth telling them you are on your honeymoon and they will surely throw in some amazing free things.

If you want a more traditional honeymoon in paradise then there is so much to choose from. Imagine laying in a hammock with your toes dipping into a crystal clear sea with a waiter bringing you delicious cocktails whilst you both pour over your beautiful wedding day and all that is to come in your loves together… Back to Earth – so, you could think about an all inclusive holiday where you can pay and plan for everything before you get there, this can be a very relaxing way to go with a no stress aspect. You can also look into some pampering packages and spa experiences. A good idea is to think about a mini stop-off en route to your chosen destination. Somewhere like Singapore or Dubai would be an amazing experience. Make the most of the time you have away and try and see and do as much as possible, unless you don’t want to leave your hotel room!