What lady does not consider her wedding shoes to be a major decision for her wedding day? If you have the right dress then you’re already half way there. Your shoes depend on your dress entirely, and for me, even if your dress is long it is still important to have beautiful shoes.

Comfort is such an important part of your wedding shoe choosing. I don’t care if they are the most expensive designer shoes, if you are not comfortable to be in them the whole day on your feet then these are not the right ones for you. Equally I don’t think you need to wear some ugly flat, sensible shoe just because they are not tight around your feet. You just need balance when considering which shoe is best.

In the past it was traditional for brides to wear satin shoes that were only for weddings and were to match your wedding dress. This, thankfully, is a tradition that seems to be shifting and I am more than happy to suggest that women look elsewhere for their wedding shoes. I really think that some high street stores do some beautiful shoes that are affordable and will be comfortable for the day. However, if you have the budget then please do go ahead and splash some cash at some designer shoes or even have some designed and made for you. I know of some brides who have saved money their whole lives just to pay for the most perfect handmade shoes for their wedding day. Now that’s commitment.

You will already know what style and shape of shoe suits your feet. Not everyone can pull of every style and shape. So start there and work out if you want a more formal shoe or a sandal. You need to think about hight (and here also consider your photos….you don’t want to be towering above everyone – you will stand out enough as it is), also consider the fabric – leather shoes are by far the most durable and comfortable (even if its just a leather insole).

Colour is a very interesting talking point amongst the shoe deciding party. Personally i would say go with whatever you want, i am such a believer in bright shocking colour that stands out. But i am aware of those that say that it should compliment the dress colour. I’m not against this idea…if it works for your dress and theme then why not? But if you have the chance to splash some colour somewhere then why not your shoes, even better if you   along dress that can hide them from those that may disagree!! In my research the most beautiful shoes that i’ve seen are those of brides who have shown their own personality through their shoes, it may sound silly but it is true. Those that are daring and want to make a statement do that it such a modest way. The ones that wore wellington boots are in a league of their own…i suppose if you work on a farm it makes sense but not on your wedding day surely!!!!