A themed wedding is a wedding that has a clear style or era associated to it. For example the theme could be the 1920s so the wedding dress and the grooms-party may be dressed in that style and the decorations and table settings may be in that 1920s style too. The music, food, cake and entertainment would also be expected to be from that era. Also the stationary and well…just about everything would scream 1920s to you. Be careful though, you can overdo a theme. It is nice to nod to a particular era or style but be aware of going all-out and killing the whole idea and make people sick of whatever theme you have chosen. I know what you’re thinking, it is a very thin line to tread, easy to tip over the garish side so just keep an eye on what you choose.

If I’m honest though, I am kind of on the fence with themed weddings, I can’t decide if I love them or not. I think they happen really organically as you consider decoration and styling, you both will propose ideas that will form themselves into a style or theme. It is such a personal thing to do, you are sharing your deepest passion and taste with people but I suppose of all the people to share it with the ones you love are the best ones!

The reason I’m not too fond on the idea of a themed wedding is that you can do a theme badly, if you don’t have the right objects and the right styling it can look more like a primary school play rather than an elegant wedding. You need to spend time researching and gathering things that will just blow your guests minds when they see the detail you have put into it. This does take time, but is always well worth it and I myself had a themed wedding.

You both need to be committed to making it work as well, once you have decided on a theme then it is important to keep to it and not confuse people. Themed weddings have all sorts of benefits. It helps out your guests as they can find outfits that can match and even gifts to give to you. You can also inject some humour into the wedding and as these guests know you well enough you will find most people will go along with you. A theme also helps with all sorts of organisational terrors. Sorting out the decorations, table settings and even the colour palette is easier to decide if you have an idea of the theme. You can also leave the theme until the party afterwards, the reception can be more lighthearted and less strict with traditions so you can let your hair down. If you’re both mad on Star Wars and you want to be Princess Leia then you can change out of your wedding dress and party all evening having the time of your life!