This is one for the boys! The stag night is a tradition that seems to be more like a drunken right of passage and not one I particularly encourage. However, I really do love the idea of getting together with family and friends and celebrating so I think balancing the two is the way forward. The idea of the stag or bachelor party is a much older tradition than the hen night and is a celebration conducted all over the world under different names.

What gentlemen get up to on a stag night has been widely known for decades. A debaucherous night full of regrets and humiliating behaviour by all. It is usually a party that is organised by the best man or a few of the grooms party and it is seen as the grooms ‘last night of freedom’ or as I prefer, the French name ‘enterrement de vie de garçon’ which means “burial of the life as a boy”. Personally I think the idea that it is the grooms ‘last night of freedom’ is a very negative and misguided notion. It bothers me that some men may see this as a final opportunity to have a ‘no rules apply’ kind of night. I really feel there are plenty of appropriate things that the groomsmen can organise that does not involve getting way way over the legal limit and perving on some half naked lady of the night. Talk with your husband-to-be about who is organising and make sure that you both are happy and trust each other.

Recently for Brits it has become much more common to have stag weekends abroad which makes me shudder inside knowing the usual bad behaviour that British people have when ‘on tour’. However, there seems to be the demand with organisations supplying the planning and it is a good opportunity to all get away I suppose. I don’t mean to be so negative about stag nights, i’m sure there are plenty of men that have organised many respectable parties to celebrate their best mate getting hitched. However, unfortunately I believe this is not in majority of cases.

I think nowadays the tradition of the hen and stag night is fading and what it once meant has been lost and used as another excuse to humiliate each other and get wasted. Here are some thoughts of more respectable ways to celebrate with the groom before his wedding:

A variety of wine or beer tasting

Food courses

Poker night (ending with good whisky and cigars!)

Games night


Mountain hiking


Extreme sports

Music or cultural Festival

Obviously i’m not saying you can’t have fun and I hate to sound like a killjoy but I think it is important to do something respectable and memorable with people that you love. Gain something from the experience rather than it being just about getting drunk and molesting a young lady.