Celebrating the bride before the wedding is a lovely way to get people together in advance of the wedding day. Typically the bride would invite her bridesmaids (if she is having any), close female family and close female friends. Also the bridesmaids usually organise the event leaving lots of surprises for the bride-to-be. It is usually held fairly soon before the wedding but don’t leave anything like that for the night before! A few weeks in advance or even during the month before is a good time to hold it.

The hen party is not necessarily a very historical tradition but has increased in popularity over the decades. It is thought that having a hen or bachelorette party was mostly due to changing attitudes to gender equality during the 1960s, women wanted to have something in place of the more well-known stag night or as it is also know, bachelor party.

How you choose to celebrate your hen night is entirely up to you, there are traditions of getting male strippers, drinking a little too much and sharing secrets with your girlfriends. I believe the aim of the hen night is to get your close female friends and family familiar with each other so they feel at ease at your wedding. It is not everyday you have many people from different times of your life altogether at the same time. Therefore, consider all the people attending and choose something suitable, it is important to have fun and let your hair down but equally you don’t want to end up in any compromising situations you may later regret! Remember we are ladies!!

Activities you may consider doing:



Tea Party

Spa day/weekend

Party at home

Dinner then club

Pampering night

Sightseeing in a new city

Boat Party

Wine or Champagne tasting

Food experience (pizza making, dessert making etc…)

Cookery course

Craft making day