Time to think about styling your big day! If you have a theme or style this will help massively with the concepts for the decorations. If you’re anything like me then you may have already started to collect bits and bobs that you could imagine fitting in somewhere in your wedding day. This is a good thing, start collecting things early on, the more you have the better choice you have as to what to use. You don’t want to leave it until the last minute to start thinking about the decorations. Even if you change your mind on a colour scheme or you don’t even have one yet it’s fine to build up a bank of things that i’m sure you will find something to do with – us girls are known for our resourcefulness!

It is important to look around and compare prices of items. You can find basic decorations like candles, table decorations and fairy lights in many places so try to get the best deal. It is very easy to get carried away and the price of all the little things does add up. Just keep a check on what you acquire and make sure you can truly justify why you want something and where you are thinking of putting it.

Yet again I will strongly suggest looking at some wedding blog sites where they document lovely dreamy weddings that you can use ideas from. You can mix and match many styles and items that people have used. Its a great place to get inspiration and you don’t have to tell anyone where you got the ideas from! Other great places to get inspiration is from car boot sales, flee markets and junk shops. You can find some real treasure and it’s a very good way to recycle and find proper one-off pieces. Don’t forget Grandma’s attic as well!

I highly recommend getting as many people as you feel comfortable with involved. I know that too many cooks spoil the broth but equally many hands make light work so you have to do what you feel is right. For me, i had lots of different groups of people in my life doing various things that i was rubbish at…i’m not good at sewing and i’m not very good at drawing! This made the feel of the wedding so personal and those that helped out were there on the day and could see everything come together. It really adds to the event. Planning a wedding is not a time to become too proud to ask people to help out. It is so important to make sure that you don’t think you can do it alone, people in your life love you both and will want to help. However, make sure you can keep control of what is happening so your vision isn’t lost.

Get decorating the day before or as soon as possible. Again, enlist friends and family to help out with it. On the day if you need things done delegate to someone you trust, use post-it notes around the venue to say where you want things the day before so the person finishing things off knows what to do. Be clear to people about what you want and where you want things, you don’t want anything to bug you on the day.

Think of the decorations as another form of entertaining your guests, it is a really good way to show off both of your personalities and you are showing everyone your finest styles. Think outside the box and get creative! I love handmade decorations so if you have the time and the workforce you can make some lovely personal table decorations and other beautiful things to have around the venue.

Things you may consider decorating:

Tables (table cloths, napkins, vases ect.)
Place settings (name tags ect.)
Seating plan
Outside areas
Ceremony venue (bunting, drapes, flowers, ect.)
Entertainment areas (banners, lights ect.)
Reception venue (bunting, lights, candles, balloons, paper decorations, ect.)
Brides & Grooms dressing areas