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Now I’m not suggesting that you go on a course in wine tasting or that your should hire a sommelier there are just a few practicalities to consider when choosing the wine at your wedding. Weddings have wine.

It’s best to have both a red and a white at the main wedding breakfast regardless if the meal that you are serving as people will prefer one or the other. Some research into pairing the wine with the food you are having is worth the effort, you don’t want to be totally off the mark with the tastes. You need to have some sparking wine for the arrival of your guests at the reception, or you could even offer a cocktail as an alternative option. There should be some sparking wine for the toasts and some dessert wine for the dessert course and cake.

When talking about Champagne, for me the best is a good vintage Rosè champagne. It is very good but also very expensive so there is nothing wrong with going with a decent Prosecco from Valdobbiadene or a good vintage Cava from Spain.

When researching into the wine look for local first and keep to the continent you live in. Look for wine from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Austria…do we really need to import wine from Chile!?!

Corkage fee – your venue might have a good selection but if you want something special because you have a preference or you’re bringing outside wine just secure an agreement on the corkage fee. NOT ALL PLACES CHARGE A CORKAGE! There are different agreements that you can make and as long as the venue can make a profit with your other drinks then you can negotiate a decent corkage fee.

Something useful to remember

Type Capacity Number of bottles
Quarter 18.75 cl 1/4
Half-Bottle 37.5 cl 1/2
Bottle 75 cl 1
Magnum 1.5 l 2
Jeroboam 3 l 4
Rehoboam 4.5 l 6
Methuselah 6 l 8
Salmanazar 9 l 12
Balthazar 12 l 16
Nebuchadnezzar 15 l 20

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