“Be inspired, get inspired!”

Designed by famous duo Niels Van Eijk and Miriam van deer Lubbe, “Usuals” is not just a new brand for a range of basic domestic products: in an era in which uniqueness is a rarity and recycling is an issue we are all familiar with, something more significant and revolutionary has just been born.

The collection, which will be available exclusively online in order to keep prices low and to establish a direct connection between designers and users, has been launched through the website Usuals, opening the doors of the Dutch studio to e-commerce: starting from 3rd October 2011, every first Monday of the month at 12 o’clock, a new piece of the collection will be introduced, together with its own “genetic” history.

That explains the slogan of the brand “Be inspired, get inspired!”: the designers aim to share with us the whole creative process of each unique item, from inspiration to realization, taking us behind the scenes and showing us its production method.

Reuse is a way of making a used material come to life again for a new purpose or give it a second chance: an interesting video tell us the story of the “Wooden Bowls”, transformed from battered wooden blocks of an old Dutch farmhouse into original design pieces.

Other pictures instead explain how historical images from an old Dutch factory can be reused to decorate light bulbs, turning them into an unexpectedly seductive collection.

Fun is another keyword of Niels Van Eijk and Miriam van deer Lubbe work: “Bloom my Buddy” is a new type of vase you can play with. Perforated all over, it can be personalised by simply changing the disposition of the flowers.

Personally, I’ve already chosen my it-products out of the collection: first of all the “WOW” pocket mirror, essential to improve self-confidence during last minute checks before meetings.

Then “Me and my Beretta”, the humouristic small handbag which can always be useful to shoot people you don’t agree with.

That’s the way Design should be. Ironic. Fun. (Un)usual.


TEL: *31 (0) 40 2868893

@ info@usuals.nl

Photos: courtesy of Usuals