Sei mesi dopo.

Vi ricordate del Valtari Mystery Film Experiment?

Qualche mese fa i Sigur Rós avevano deciso di celebrare l’uscita del loro nuovo album chiedendo a una dozzina di registi e videomaker di interpretarne le tracce, creando qualunque cosa venisse loro in mente ascoltandole, e lasciandone una a disposizione del pubblico per  un po’ di sana competizione.

Lo scorso weekend l’esperimento si è concluso con la pubblicazione di Leaning Towards Solace, l’ultimo video diretto dalla santissima Floria Sigismondi, protagonisti Elle Fanning e John Hawkes.

Sigur Rós’s music always evokes a strong emotional feeling in me. the film tells the story about a young girl sara, played by Elle Fanning, who confronts the imminent death of her father, played by John Hawkes. The story is set in the desolate landscape of an economic collapse. It’s about the fine line between keeping it together and the feeling of helplessness when life just doesn’t work any longer. But the story is not only about sorrow, but about hope, love and the loss of fear, rebirth and reincarnation. The idea that we possibly have travelled through time with the same souls in different roles. The daughter now holds her father as he begins a new life in her arms. It was a rewarding experience working with both Elle and John. I highly respect both their talents.”


Leaning Towards Solace from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.