Paolo dell'Elce

Industrial Romanticism

I have long wondered about how I should structure this article. I could have minimized the captions and let the images speak for themselves: my words would have hardly stood the comparison with their eloquence. And yet it would have been a cowardly choice, due to the initial fear of being unable to communicate the richness of contents which is behind the work of the young designer Paolo Dell’Elce, Creative Director for Danese and Senior Designer for Carlotta de Bevilacqua Studio, who in 2010 officially opened his own studio in Milan.

The Designer is a Designer with a strong aesthetic sense or an Artist with great practical sense?
The answer was there in front of my eyes, hidden between the concentric mobile ellipses in aluminum of Copernico, the lamp he designed together with Carlotta Bevilacqua for Artemide.       The Designer’s job is not a personal one but a collective one, held together with a selected team of experts in various interdisciplinary fields who do their best to solve all the aspects of a design problem. The goal is to realize a product that works and has its own coherent aesthetics not connected to personal style or to trends, but to the problem itself and therefore to logic.
This creative synthesis between the path of the Designer and that of the Artist is the Designer’s research.

All the solutions come from observation and are strongly linked to the multiplicity of lifestyles in contemporary society.
Svalbard, a small flat pillow with a wooden top that can be fitted or removed magnetically, is the result of a focused research on new behavioural patterns related to the latest technological devices such as laptops, e-readers and tablets used in dynamic workplaces.
The innovative product with its versatility summarizes the transition from the binomial uniqueness/stability to the binomial plurality/mobility.

Bumblebee is a curious adaptable magazine holder: according to the number of magazines it has to hold, it develops its shape.
The secret of its success is in the active participation to the product’s customization, which awakens the consumer’s individual identity.

Through the study of humans’ interaction with the environment and the tools around them, Paolo Dell’Elce gives life to open and flexible Design products which, in addition to providing a wide variety of solutions to the needs of contemporary man, allow us to give free rein to our own creativity.

Paolo Dell’Elce Product Design Studio
Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 9  20123 Milan
Blog: Industrial Romanticism

Photo Credits: Federico Villa, Miro Zagnoli (Copernico, Artemide) – Thanks to: Paolo Dell’Elce