Do-It- Yourself Design

Last week I had the chance to be part of the Open DesignItalia Selected staff, who gave birth to the first trade show entirely dedicated to self-produced Design.
Self-production is a project method in which the designer is both director and promoter of the whole projecting process from the initial intuition to the realization and the commercialization of the object, allowing a direct contact between the designer and the public.
The new interest in self-production design, quite far from mass industrial design, can be seen as a response to the crisis of the working world; in a country like Italy, whose strength lies in its rich handcraft heritage, it could represent a potential and a big push forward for the productive system.
Moreover, nowadays, especially thanks to the web, the promotion of market limited editions and unique pieces numbered and signed by the author is significantly increasing: industrial objects are replaced by “maybe imperfect-but unique” products created by cultivating the knowledge of the production process.

The event took place in Bologna in the amazing setting of Palazzo Maccaferri, now home to the luxurious I Portici Hotel, a fine building from the late 1800s. The curious and successful idea of  Design Aperto Association’s founders Elena Santi and Laura Succini was to let each selected designer had a room in the hotel to furnish with his own works.

Multi-colored ceramic dishes, pottery bowls and decorative shapes by Mariavera Chiari

Placemats in recycled materials and fabrics by Esercizi di Stile

Manina, shelf lamp by The Green Thea

Scaffold Light by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Ambito, corian working space for laptops by Arkimera Studio

Czech designer Svetlana Kuliskova and her modern tapestries in reused materials

Acquacalda designers, who apply Physics and Geometry to Design with vanguard results

What excited me the most about the event was watching a community of young and creative designers collaborating and reaching self production by sharing their knowledge and suppliers: is this the best way for Design system to grow or am I only dreaming?