Quaderni Repap

Soft as stone

In spite of my natural aversion to the new trend of “living green at all costs”, after the presentation of the 14th October at the Spazio Theca in Milan, I went to my trusted retailer Buffetti to buy a couple of “Quotes” fromm the new Ogami collection by Cartorama Group. With surprise I must say that, at least for this time, to investigate the environmental sustainability issues is not (just) an effective marketing tool, but it can be an innovative starting point for the Design world.

Repap is the first revolutionary completely tree-free paper adopted for the Ogami notebooks’ pages: made up of 80% calcium carbonate and a small percentage from nontoxic resins, is created through a manufacturing process that does not use water nor emits toxic agents in the air. Moreover, if introduced into the environment, it is photodegradable after a period of 14 – 18 months. Ready to oust the Moleskines from the top step of the podium, Quotes are not just more resistant, longer lasting, whiter and more surprisingly “soft” tha normal notebooks, but they are above all waterproof, tear and coffee stain resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Repap is waterproof

The Rosetta Stone of the third millennium, thanks to Paolo Frello’s artistic direction, comes in the form of three different size notebooks with engaging covers, characterized by a simple and incisive helvetica graphic style and by quotes from great creative people from the past.


Not to go unnoticed in the streets of Rome and Milan, the Be Extended’s ad campaign with photos shot by the Canadian photographer Douglas Kirkland: a completely tattoed model reminds us that, never as much as in the case of Quotes, “Scripta Manent”.

Quotes are better than diamonds: Repap is forever.