My o My is a nice restaurant run by two creative girls called Marta Stachera and Eliza Krakowka. Informal design with warm accents, good music and interesting typography on the wall invites people to come in and to calm down their hunger with a very special menu.

Everything has started thanks to slow food’s parties in a very famous place in Warsaw called “5.10.15”: attending those brunch appointments, these two girls, that were previously a manager and a PR specialist, came across the idea to create a nice place for everyone.

On January 2012, helped by many collectives like 1500m2, Warsaw welcomed the new, wonderful restaurant created by Marta and Eliza and called with the characteristic name “My o My”: the recipe to their success are low prices and delicious courses, cakes cookies and sweets, combined together with a home atmosphere and Coffee-Kemex, something special and rare to find in the city, served by the polish master of barists aeropress Piotr Markowski.

I will invite you over for a Bagel Burger, my favorite dish, if you plan a weekend in Warsaw: I can also tell you a secret since I’ve heard that these two amazing girls acre planning more cuisine activities in the city… let’s see what happens!

Special Thanks goes to Max Zielinski for all the pictures

My O M, Szpitalna 8, Warsaw