Warsaw is a unique city, where there is no central point of cultural life, but its citizens share great energy to create huge cultural ventures. That creative spirit was demonstrated last weekend when the festival organised by Mustache Warsaw took place. The hosts adopted mustache as their logo as they consider it to be the symbol which people in the world associate Poland with. They see it as a source of Slavonic spirit cultivated for centuries, from the first king of Poland to Lech Walesa.

The Mustache project started in 2008 with the first event organised in a small downtown club. The idea was to create something similar to the Berlin’s Bread and Butter tradeshow. Supported by young Polish graphics and designers, the Mustache team launched production of its own mustache gadgets and T-shirts. Their aim was not to develop another commercial event, but to reveal the Slavonic creativity.

This year’s Mustache took place at Soho Factory – a popular venue outside Warsaw city centre. The idea was to allow people to witness the tradeshow prepared by young Polish designers while having fun, listening to music, eating and drinking. This year’s edition of Mustache was welcomed by rainy and cloudy weather. Usually, however, there is plenty of sun and the typical tradeshow is accompanied by picnics, concerts and people dancing all over the place. You have a chance to meet all your friends and it feels like a big family getaway.

The most important is however the fact that during the event you can become an owner of unique handmade items delivered by over hundred exhibitors.  There is something for everybody – clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes, head bands and designer pieces of furniture. Moreover, on several occasions Mustache organised in Warsaw music parties aimed at promoting young and creative artists. The initiatives that promote young talented people and introduce the breath of creativity combined with fun times are always welcome.

A special thanks go to MAX ZIELINSKI for all pictures.