Moimio is a brand for modern women. Functional basket made from a synthetic material is an absolute must-have for demanding women who appreciate good design. It should be mentioned that we are witnessing the rise of a new brand, a premiere of a unique product.

The idea to create such a product came into being during the designer’s stay in Italy in order to meet her need to have a comfortable basket which would store many items. She was also inspired by the typical Warsaw woman who is full of initiative, well-organised and confident. The final result had been achieved through many hours of consultations and a lengthy design process. This is how the POLKA basket was created. Interestingly enough, the name does not refer to a Polish woman (which would be translated into the Polish language simply as “polka”), but to a perforation of the basket – a Polka dot pattern.

The form of the basket is modern and made from a durable, easily shaped material with perforations on both sides of the basket. Colours in which product is available change depending on the season, but they are always in line with the Pantone palette. All moimio products are eco-friendly. The brand creators made sure that their baskets are recyclable and is planning to surprise us in the future with new products and a wide range of accompanying accessories -, such as organiser, bike holder etc. Fingers crossed for the moimio’s success as it is the brand which sets the trends and, at the same time, meets every woman’s needs.