This month I have decided to find someone who caught my eye over Christmas in Milano, and chat to her about the things she makes. I met Cristina Antonelli at Lovers go Bizarre- Like a Christmas Pudding and loved her creations as crochet is one of my favourite things. Her colourful ‘beasties’ are instantly adorable and funny, and I greatly enjoyed playing with the different animals before eventually crumbling and buying a couple to take home. I wanted to talk to her about where her ideas come from.

CB – Tell us about LeBeskie…
Cristina – “Bestie” is an Italian word meaning “beasts, animals” but my grandmother couldn’t pronounce it properly and always said “beskie”.
LeBeskie is a mini-creatures family coming out from my imagination day by day. They are like human-being. They need touching and feeling of existing in your world. Try to play with them, get closer, discover, open or even undress them. Perhaps, they are strange, slightly clumsy but easily to be your sweetheart though..

CB – Why do you use crochet to create your work?
Cristina – My grandmother – the one couldn’t pronounce the word “Bestie” properly – taught me how to crochet when i was a child and since then i’ve been always producing stuff: bags, scarves, pocket.. Till animals. I love to work with crochet because you can work easily in 3d, create shapes and control the rigidity of the object you are making. And if you do mistakes, you can unmake it very fast!

CB – What inspires you?
Cristina – Everything inspires me! I start from basic shapes then i add to them elements I saw around. They can come from real animals, people or characters. I usually bring a small book where I sketch things i get in my mind and then I try to translate them in wool and buttons.