Out for a delicious hot dog in one of the most unusual restaurants in Los Angeles, a train wagon where appetizing burgers meet savory hot dogs; it all happens on Sunset Boulevard!

The legendary strip has always been the place to go in Hollywood, to discover endless entertainment spots including nightclubs, and cutting-edge bars, but also landmark restaurants including the historical Carney’s Restaurant.


Carney’s evolved from the hard work of John Wolfe, Sr. and his wife Pat Wolfe who in 1975, decided to come up with a renown and unique food joint, since many other hamburger restaurants were affluent in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.
With the idea of standing out from a panoply of burger and hot dog joints, the family decided to create a restaurant on a rail car, which today got the acclaim of LA restaurant critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold, who wrote that “Carney’s is a restaurant in the real Los Angeles tradition.”

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Carney’s soon became a landmark for its unique and simple design, and the multiple CD’s and photographs signed by Hollywood celebrities, and complementing the motionless train’s décor.

One of the many foods that represents Los Angeles is the chili dog, and according to many reviews on newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, crowd-sourced website reviews such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Carney’s serves without contest one of the best chili dogs in LA.


Photo above: Chili Dog from Carney’s as featured on LA Weekly

Carney’s restaurant was featured in the Oscar Winning Film Crash, and continues to be prominent among tourists and locals for its hamburgers and hotdogs on both locations: Sunset Blvd., and Ventura Blvd.

Carney’s will celebrate its 40 years ​this coming December!