Iza Rutkowska is a famous Warsaw activist. Her name is recognizable both in Poland and abroad. Her comprehensive professional background – working as a journalist, culture specialist, fashion designer – has enabled her to create a unique and diverse public space. She created a venue where she invites young polish designers, architects and graphics. All project are a compilation of art and good fun. She established an artist foundation called Forms and Shapes which constitutes her regular workplace but also allowed to fulfill her dreams. I met Iza in her favourite café in Warsaw. Her optimism is noticeable at the beginning of this interview.

Cosebelle: What does Iza Rutkowska – the artist try to say us through her various projects?
Iza: My task is to create better reality for people, I motivate them to live creatively. I would like to resolve social projects through art. I think that people can get to know each other through operation with art. By creating the MUSHROOMING, FISHING and BUILDING SITE project I motivated people to interact with art and sharing it with other people.

Cosebelle: What is your inspiration?
Iza: It might sound boring but I am inspired by the street climate and also my childhood memories. I mix nature with the climate of the city.

Cosebelle: Did anybody help you with the creation of the art action? Was there any particular person or organization that supported you?
Iza: When working on my project I realized that I want to do it for life. Form and Shapes came into being through my voluntary hard work. My friends were very helpful. The Warsaw City Council turned out to be very supportive too. During the project I met people who, just like myself, aim at creating better and nicer public spaces.

Cosebelle: Can you recommend to our readers any places in Warsaw that you particularly like?
Iza: That would be difficult as I like so many different places in Warsaw. Recently I visited the Tekla Square – it is a really magical place. I also like the Powsin Park, the Moczydło Park, Grochów and Wola districts. All these places have something beautiful about them.

Cosebelle: What can you say to young people who wish to create new public spaces but they lack self-confidence.
Iza: I believe that people like that need to have versatile interests. They must connect their skills with the way they want to live. They cannot give up even if their friends claim ,,There is no chance’’. Their concerns should motivate them. You must connect your skills with way to life.
Special thanks goes to Iza Rutkowska for help with this article.

Feel invited to the new Form and Shape’s project called Fishing on 23rd September.