Friends with Benefits is a group of two exceptional designers with very contrasting temperaments.

Their passion for work and desire to create a clothing line dedicated to active people, who care about their comfort, led to bringing into life their brand. The designers were inspired by the street lifestyle, the rush of city life as well as simple forms, original embellishments and asymmetries.

Their aim was to make every women feel in their clothes casually, but unique at the same time. Moreover they wanted their brand to be affordable to everyone despite the usage of high quality fabrics.

By courtesy of the girls from FwB, CosebelleVarsavia was invited to the event promoting their new 2012/2013 Autumn/Winter collection.

Beautiful setting as well as background photos representing carefree vibe of countryside in Autumn made us speechless.
Knitted trousers, oversize jumpers, waistcoats and reversible shirts, all in autumnal colours such as burgundy or deep green, made us sense and appreciate the Autumn.

CosebelleVarsavia keeps its fingers crossed for the future success of the FwB brand -especially when wearing their clothes and feeling as great and comfortable as never before.