Unusual wishes.

Domi Grzybek is a young, clever artist with unusual wishes for her life.
When we have our appointment in the cafe in the centre of the town she always comes on time and she’s wearing something wonderful, energetistic and inspiring dress.

COSEBELLE– What inspires Domi?
DOMI– Generally speaking I am inspired with everything beginning from emotions through language, pictures to fragrances. Recently I was inpired with the women who perform in Lars von Tier’s, when i was creating project “Holy cow” f/w’11/12. Present collection titled ”Everything I have from my mother” I based on the childhood memories similiar to touching a nettle, the first time I tasted cake or flows.

C– What would You do, if You weren’t a fashion designer?
D– I’ve always dreamt of painting because I came from the family where I used to watch my parents working on the pictures. Also I was preparing to become an actress. I become a fashion designer by chance.

C– Did You change yourself as an artist after awarding a prize on a festival called ”Art and Fashion”?
D– First of all ”Art and Fashion” it is an experience for me. The reward itself was a nice surprise but it wasn’t a main pize/destination. I was proud because of the fact that the prize I got had been handed me by Krzysztof Strozyna-who is admired by me, the best experience I had was the chance to cooperate with so many creative and talented people.

C– What would You advice to young polish designers?
D– In my opinion the necessity of creation new constructions, models, patterns, etc. is very important for young designers. The very hard work and a self-denial is reguired from them too. You should constantly challenge yourself. Everybody should have a purpose which will push all of them instinctively to it.

Photo credits Agata Mendziuk, Rafal Jozwicki, Monika Jelinska, Michal Greg.