Recently, I’ve been noticing a lot of embellished shirt collars around, like this gorgeous sequin piece by No. 21. I decided it was about time to combine my love of collars with my love of tack and decorate one of mine.

Things you will need:

-a shirt

-jewels/sequins/beads/anything you want to decorate your collar with

-a needle and thread


I decided to max out on tacky, so have chosen to decorate this particularly floral shirt with my plastic jewels. Obviously you may wish to go for something a bit more subtle and/or classy.

First you should lay out your embellishments on your collar to get the placement the way you want before you start attaching anything. I think it would be nice to have beads in the collar corners or around the edge, but you can literally stick stuff everywhere if you want to.

The best thing about this tutorial is that it is super simple! I am going to sew on my jewels, but if you are super lazy or in a rush you can use a glue gun.

Now, attach everything and wear with pride!