Something for Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is a couple of weeks away which will give you plenty of time to master this little knitted gift. It’s quite tiny so you can make lots to send to all your special friends this month.

Things you will need:

– Yarn in two different colours (4 ply)

– Knitting needles the right size for the yarn you are using (size 4mm)

– Scissors

To help you out, I have made this chart of the heart pattern we are going to knit which will be made bottom to top. Each block is one stitch, and you can see the pattern uses two different colour yarns.

The pattern is for quite a small square so hopefully this shouldn’t be too tricky, even if you are a beginner! Be careful when you are changing colour and make sure you let the loose yarn float across the back of the knitting, not pulling too tight. This should become easier to understand once you start making the pattern. I am going to call the two different colours A and B, and each row is alternate knit and purl to create Stockinette Stitch. Once you have added the second colour, you will have two different ends which you pick up each time you need to change colour. The background is colour A, the heart is colour B.

Cast on 11 stitches

Knit across in colour A

P5 (A) P1 (B) P5 (A)

K4 (A) K3 (B) K4 (A)

P3 (A) P5 (B) P3 (A)

K2 (A) K7 (B) K2 (A)

K1 (A) K9 (B) K1 (A)

P1 (A) P9 (B) P1 (A)

K1 (A) K4 (B) K1 (A) K4 (B) K1 (A)

K2 (A) K2 (B) K3 (A) K2 (B) K2 (A)

Purl across in colour A