Decoupage Trinket Box

Things you will need:

– little wooden box

– PVA glue

– paintbrush

– scissors

– decoupage images

– glitter, pens, sequins, decorations

This makes a perfect little present for someone, or yourself, and the great thing is that you can use pretty much any images you like, as long as the ink doesn’t start to run when you begin to glue. You can use tissue paper to cover the whole box or just use one or two images to decorate simply. I am going to use an image from a decoupage sheet, but wallpaper is equally as good. You can find different sized boxes here, or look for them at any craft shops.

First you need to cut out your image making sure you’re accurate, then decide on the placement of your picture. You could also place images or a message inside the lid. Of course, if you are going to decorate your box with any sequins, glitter, or draw on it, you should work this out now as well.

The picture I am using is on quite thick glossy paper, so I need to use some glue straight out of the tube to stick it down to begin with.

For the next part I suggest you use a disposable cup, or mug you don’t mind getting dirty as you need to mix some of the PVA glue with water to glaze over the image on the box. You need roughly double the amount of PVA for the amount of water you put in. Only use a small amount at a time though, or you might have loads left over at the end. Don’t worry too much about getting this perfect, just make sure the glue isn’t super runny. If it is, you’ve put in too much water, which you can easily fix by adding more PVA and giving it a mix with the paintbrush.

Once you have stirred the glue and water together apply liberally all over the box, and your image. I have also added some blue glitter into the mixture for sparkle.

You will need to apply a few coats of glue to the surface of your box, until it has a shine to it and there are no raised edges to the paper you have glossed over. Leave overnight to dry completely and you are finished!