”You’ll have a chance to see France in Warsaw”

Bistro Charlotte. Bread and wine is a first of all bakery. On the place are baked baguettes and breads on the strength traditional french recipe.

Charlotte is a really ”artusana boulangerie”, where bakers to make use of personal recipe and use only natural ingredients. They baked all during the night, so in the morning at 7.00 a.m will be easy to get for all guests.

The bistro is also bar a tartines, because all are prepare on the base of Charlotte’s bread. To all of menst of this bistro I add fantastic french wine. It taste excellent with tartines and other ”speciallites Charlottes” like original cheese, french charcuteries, soup, breakfast, etc.

General idea on this place to arise on heads of two friends which decide of connect passion to good food and industrial design. They mean to create place, where all people are appreciate high quality of meal and plearing to spend a time.

The idea of Charlotte is very clear, because I met there secondary or high school students, businesmens, celebrites, lawyers, etc. Everybody adore familiar climate and the central table. Near this ‘common table” seeting foreign peole which want contact and divide chocolates of jams.

The main womans are Justyna Kosmala and Ewa Luniewska, which keepin’ this place with their friends and family.

  • I really like Charlotte, delicious meals and wonderful climate and feel there like in ”belle France”