New Geometric Style

I’ve taken place in a Fashion Show Collection in Lodz-City recently where I was fascinated by a wonderful and the modern fashion designer Ola Bajer. Her projects joint both an urban smartness and unusual geometry. She has connected in her projects not only a fashion but albo an art, and she has done it since 2009. Her particular collections and individual speciments of casual clothes are made in combining the latest trends of fashion, thoughtful constructions and fabric/cloth which are just author’s graphic art. Clothes for men and women are made for those who like convience, ease and individuality.

The latest men’s and women’s clothes colletion ”røk. /dym/” was inspired with light material like mist. The whole collections has been taken into geometric forms which are filled with an author’s printing-”serygraphic”.

The speciments of unisex were made from diffrent cloth, that like fine chiffon, wool and natural leather imitate very subtle anddelicate patchwork construction. The colours chosen in her collections filled up turquoise and ultramarina colours. In my opinion there’s no doubt that Ola Bajer is one of the best designers of the young generation.

She graduated from Academy of fine arts in Katowice ( Painting faculty) and Cracow School of Art and Fashion desing – KSA. Currenlty she is studying at The International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw. Thanks to, she was the second in the  last year, Fashion Designer Awards this days she is training at the Clothes Company in Wasaw. She also lives, studies, practies and designes. It is worth to take attention to a make ”Bola”. It seems to be the most important and trendy brand on Warsaw streets. Thanks for all the pictures to Ola Bajer.

Photo: diesing’ & Paulina Mirowska
Clothes: Bola
Model: Aleksa Materska / Rafał Stoczyński

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