As part of my next visit to Warsaw, I would like to invite you to Bistro Warszawa.

I hope you will enjoy this place just as much as I did. I was captivated by its relaxed atmosphere and the menu filled with traditional Polish specialties.

That wonderful place strikes with the beautiful interior.Illuminated by the disspearsed lights of designer lamps and decorated with the photographs of pre-war Warsaw and pages from the pieces of Polish classics – Slowacki and Mickiewicz – Bistro Warszawa creates a truly distinctive aura that combines a chill-out lounge ambience with a folksy climate of a countryside.

If you ever drop by the Bistro Warszawa’s address, do not hesitate to taste some of the delicious options they have on offer, such as goose leg confit or homemade jams. Remember they taste even better when accompanied by the selection of fine wines or Polish flavoured vodkas. In fact, all the dishes are exciting as the chefs of Bistro Warszawa offer traditional Polish cuisine inspired by the European cookery styles.

This is the place to be especially in the evenings when Bistro hosts jazz jam sessions. Every Tuesday customers can enjoy the music of a famous pianist – Slawek Uniatowski.

Should you wish to meet the contemporary face of Poland, visit them at Jezuicka Street 1/3.