A female lover.

Bartosz Malewicz is a designer, whose collection is a compilation of modern forms and classic elegance.

Women in designer clothes look beautifull and imaginatively. They feel elegant, feminine and liberated. Bartosz is winner and finalist of competitions such as fashion Offfashion “Folk in the City”. He works on films, music videos, commercials and fashion-related events. As one of the five Polish designers was invited to the Berlin Fashion Week 2010. His talent also appreciated the media.

Numerous publications in fashion magazines such as Elle, Take Me, Exklusiv, Dilemas, Teen Vanity, Clue Clue, High Heels are the conclusive proof. In his work focuses on professionalism, highest quality, perfect cut and high-grade materials, not forgetting  the creative and individual approach to each project. Inspiration is a relative thing for him, often I refer to the phenomena occurring in the human mind. It is a treasure for me, unused and without barriers to opportunity.